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How to Win Facebook Algorithm in 2020 for Organic Loyal Audience

Over 1.7 billion persons worldwide visited Facebook every day in the first quarter of 2020. They spend an average of 38 minutes per day, mostly juggling around the posts on their newsfeed. This is happening, while the competition is on fire in the back scenes of the business posts appearing on the very feed. And the winner is who beats the Facebook algorithm with content that sparks amid the crowd. 

What is Facebook Algorithm and how it runs?

Facebook Algorithm controls the rank and the reach of your posts on the newsfeed. Outsmarting it, helps you boost the number of people who stop by your content and interact with it.

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg stated that users should expect to see more posts from their families, friends, and groups more than from business.

If you are a marketer, you might feel that Facebook is leaving you behind by such a notion. However, that is not the exact situation; Facebook prioritizes well-targeted ads over the organic approach when it comes to marketing brands/products.

But also, Facebook lifts organic posts that receive interactions in comments more often than others, because more people will see your post when their friends engage and comment on it. 

Four handy tips to outdo the recent changes to Facebook Algorithm with organic content

So provoking social conversations is key. In other words, the Call-to-Comment (CTC) is the new tactic in 2020 social media marketing strategies that should be made right. Otherwise, Facebook will jeopardize your post with a low reach, if your call to action was too direct.

1. Create authentic, cordial, and informative content, consistently!

Be kind if your brand demands to raise a firing topic; Be genuine in your words; and be generous in providing information.

First, know your audience to approach them with appealing topics. If your post reads a salesman promoting for a brand rather than socializing with the audience, expect little interaction. Post content that is similar to your friends’ and family shares, meet your audience criteria.

Ask questions and encourage the fans to comment and express themselves on your page.

2. Publish stories of short clips and videos with subtitles 

Facebook Algorithm today is biased to videos more than ever before. With stories, you can test the soul of your content and estimate your customer engagement rate. Three to five clips are enough to publish in one engaging story.

But always keep your premiers for videos. People will share your video 12 times more likely than sharing a post with text and image.

And why should videos be enriched with subtitles? Because 85% of Facebook users prefer watching videos with sound off. 

3. Beat Facebook Algorithm with a community around your brand

Launching a Facebook group is the secret key to build a virtual community.

To announce a brand’s presence, you can leverage the most popular and relevant groups. Or create your own group for your brand’s fan community, based on your brand’s page.

To master Facebook groups for your business, here is a comprehensive guide by Hootsuite to help you achieve the best results. 

4. Go live and host watch parties: Facebook loves engaging videos

People engage six times more with live videos than they do with the traditional ones. To keep them hooked, make your streaming topic straight to the point or spread vibes by hosting watch parties.

10 to 15 minutes of live streaming is good for a high engagement rate.

And don’t forget to announce you are going live first in stories or short videos, 20 minutes before going on air.

Facebook bridges gaps in the time of social distancing

Facebook has played a pivotal role in tackling social distancing. Each update the platform has shown was based on surveys, conducted by Facebook and answered by its users. These surveys have revealed the content preferences of each user–which has later shaped the updates of the Facebook Algorithm.

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