Is your content SEO friendly yet?


How about this, you’re on your bed scrolling on your phone and you stumble upon that perfect jacket you were looking everywhere for but couldn’t find, is it in your cart yet? We’ve all heard of people going shopping to find what they are looking for, but what if the situation is reversed and the things that you want come looking for you? This, my friend, is good marketing. No matter what you do when going online with your business, creating search engine optimized (SEO) content is how you find your customers. Not only is it a part of content creation, but the key to be able to grow in this digitalized world.

Effective Search Engine Optimization can do wonders!

Potential customers are already on the other side waiting for your products, they already searched for that specific jacket that you have and are waiting for Google’s crawlers to find you once you click the post button. These crawlers will not find you if you don’t feed them what they want, you don’t eat cat food, do you? Feeding these crawlers what they want to connect you with your potential clients is the trick and there are algorithms behind this that we won’t get into now. The important question now is, how powerful is SEO in boosting your content? Words and key phrases are the heart and soul of SEO and they work like magic, Forbes think so too! Once you have them ready, you include them in your content so that Google reads them and passes it on to the other side of the equation.

Wanting to be different and having your own words is nice until you’re never searched for by anyone. Put yourself in your customers shoes, think what they think, then think what they will type and type it. Yes, be predictable, this is exactly what I’m saying. But effective Search Engine Optimization is not only about words, online reviews, internal and outbound links, and images allows Google to give you credibility and imagine being trusted by Google? Oh, the wonders. You will be cheered on endlessly, and by cheered on I mean very high ROI.

Website Optimization is a game-plan, plan your strategy!

When analytics show that you are gaining traffic but not generating leads is when you need to re-evaluate your marketing tactics. Something as cost-effective as SEO should be violently used to increase your sales and reach your target in the online world. Maintaining a strong web presence is very likely with a good SEO strategy that is being evaluated regularly. Just like everything in the world, there are some tips you could use to boost your sales using SEO. Building brand awareness, starting a blog and keeping it alive at all times, and internal linking just some of our favorites.

The power of words should never be overlooked as it altered the online presence of millions of B2C and B2B accounts. If you saw the before and after of each of these accounts you’d never guess the tiniest details that were the reason behind this change. If you have ever been a client yourself you will know that you find what you want through a simple search. SEO is a game-plan and your competitors are already optimized and in the digital transformation war. So, what’s holding you back?