Marketing Strategy
& Competitive Positioning

Why is it important for your business to have a marketing strategy? There are tons of different channels and activities that you could do to market your business. You know them all, don’t you? But you do not know how to start. That is why crafting a marketing strategy should be Step Zero before starting anything.

The brilliant minds of IZDAHER provide comprehensive, best-in-class marketing strategy services; We develop marketing plans that support creative campaigns and build good rapport in various markets. Driven by data, we can bring up competitive positioning to a wide range of businesses whether in the B2B or B2C markets, starting from startups to enterprises. IZDAHER’s marketing strategy services are tailored and tapered to meet your needs.

In marketing, I’ve seen only one strategy that can’t miss – to market to your best customers first.

John Romero

Competitive Analysis

To create a marketing plan, you need deep research on your competitors. At IZDAHER, we offer marketing strategy services that follow innovative techniques to research the competitors’ activities. These techniques aim at one objective: Achieving Uniqueness. This means establishing your own business value and differentiating your offering to make you stand out from the competition. That comes in-depth with the marketing plans. Because our marketing strategy services are all-inclusive, we take it all over; from tracking the economic climate, to targeting your business to the right audience.

Social Listening Strategy

Before launching a new product or a service, make sure you are meeting one of your customer expectations or solving one of their pain points. We help you in that by following the impressions expressed by your customers around your brand and your rivals. At IZDAHER, our marketing strategy services comprise social listening strategies that keep the business marketing well-targeted and leveraged with a buyer persona, defined on the spot.

Listening to customers is more important than it’s ever been because their feedback is manifestly public where it’s historically been private.

Jay Baer

Customer Segmentation

Based on needs and expectations, we can classify your customers, as well as your potential leads, into segments and groups. Each of these reflects a specific behavior, age, gender, location, or a habit. Your customer segmentation is much precise with IZDAHER’s marketing strategy services because our team will take over this mission to help you personalize your key messages further, to enhance your brand engagement, and boost more revenue.

Web Analytics

How do online visitors interact with your digital content? IZDAHER conducts web analytics that can take your business to a whole new level. Our smart marketing strategy services include reporting your website performance on a regular basis, to help you define your customer interests, and track the user flow— That also helps you adjust your marketing strategy, enhance your digital presence, and attract more leads.