Web Design in A Nutshell 


 Creativity. Simplicity. Character. Web design

Do you know what speak louder than words? Visuals. Sometimes you just have to show the world who you are and what you do instead of saying it. In the marketing world, web design does that for you, it says a lot about your business’ character, what you sell, where you are going, how you treat your customers, and whatever you want to convey to the world. A good web designer knows that it is a never-ending process, that building a website means so much more than just having a room on the internet.

“Technology over technique produces emotionless designs” – Daniel Mall

 Emotions play a huge role in marketing; people need to like you in order to think they could trust you. Having your brand online is not just a huge deal for your business, it is your business. Using effective techniques that would bring out the necessary emotions out of your target audience is just the beginning of a long road in the web design journey. Videos, designs, and unique typography could attract customers, but humor, character, and your tone of voice will make them stay. You have to make it appealing and memorable to be easily recalled.

Hoping on trends is always a good idea, and web redesign is just as fun as web design. If changing the font to retro fonts, or adding multimedia experience, or changing the whole website structure to horizontal scrolling is what you know will attract your target audience, then what are you waiting for? Web design is art and math, so you do your calculations and then draw them out.

Ever heard of Gestalt Designs Laws?

Functionality is just as important as the aesthetic. A beautifully crafted website that does not guide its visitors is not a good one. Maintaining a balance between web design’s principles and the ever-changing digital world with all its trends is crucial. Gestalt Designs Laws – such as Law of Proximity, Law of Similarity, and Law of Closure- principle is that the human eye sees objects in their entirety before perceiving their individual parts. Your website needs to have symmetry that attracts, guides, and gets your audience to stay. This goes hand in hand with UI and UX designs, that focuses on both the psychology of the users and predict how visually and technically you can drive them to pleasantly browse and revisit your website.

Two main aspects that need to be considered when going digital; Your brand image and the user experience, and they both lie in web design. Its importance is invaluable and not to be disregarded as it affects your business and your online persona. Moreover, web design is a whole world that affects how your audience perceive your identity and if you are not going full force in the digital world, you are losing the most important war of the age.


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