web development in Egypt

Web Development in Egypt


 “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” -Paul Cookson

Imagine having an online presence that will generate leads for you without even trying. Digital presence nowadays is a necessity and not an option if you want your business to grow. Web developers’ –Front-end, Back-end, or Full-stack developer- the main aim is to make sure that your website is mirroring your business identity in the best possible way to attract customers and clients. Web development in Egypt and in the whole world is growing because of Covid19 and its effects on digital marketing. Whatever your business is, however small or big, your competitors are working on ranking above you. Web development and web design are essential when it comes to digital marketing. It is the place where people will interact with your business, buy your products, and even have an insight into your services. Having a great marketing strategy without having a website could harmfully affect your business.

On creating a website, simplicity and customization are two different schools. Some businesses go for content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla for an easy-to-use and simple website for their customer. On the other hand, you can invest in a whole web development team or a full-stack developer to create a personalized website from scratch for custom functionality and complexity. It is all about knowing your audience and what they would prefer and attract them. In 2020, Javascript, PHP, and Python are the best programming languages for your web development.


What is in -2020- and what is next in web development -2021-

In order to make your website attractive, you need to follow trends that will enhance engagement and boost your business’s online presence. Some of the most important trends in 2020 in web development are responsive design and the rise of mobile users, chatbots and customer support, IoT (Internet of things), and artificial intelligence. Investing in futuristic modulations will reflect on your business professionalism and will make your website stand out. More on the trends train, new web designs are constantly emerging and will emerge in the near future. Collaging, anti-design, minimalism, immersive 3D elements, illustrations, and many more are some of the newest, trendiest ways to design your website. Making sure that you have the latest functionality and thematic trends to your website need a lot of work, but it is worth it as effective web designs will ultimately increase your sales.

It is a win-win situation

The customer’s emotional response to your website is hugely important. Looks and functionality are both highly important when creating a website. If the user finds the website appealing and easy to use, they will return to it again and might even refer others according to Joe Girard’s 250 rule. Knowing your target audience in digital marketing is one of the keys to success; hence, web development relies a lot on providing what your audience wants, and how they want it. At IZDAHER we offer end-to-end web development services that will cover your needs for your online presence. We can brand your business, make logos, create web designs implementing e-commerce services, and making sure that your website is SEO optimized for the SERPs. We can make it user-friendly and we can make it trendy.

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