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   Why content is King

Bill Gates wrote an essay almost 20 years ago titled “Content is King” referring to content on the Internet and comparing it to broadcasting in his days. One of things Gates highlighted in the essay is that in order to build a strong digital marketing plan, you need content that assists you with building connection with your audience and possible clients/customers. There are a lot of content marketing services that can skyrocket your small business with just a click. The internet is the first place people go to when they need to know about a service or a product, so you definitely need to have a digital presence that will attract them to your website rather than others. Gates’ perspective in content marketing is quite helpful and a great reference when delving into the marketing world.

What Gates Think is Important When Thinking of  “Going Online”

Gates’s essay included a lot of valuable insights in the content marketing world. Nowadays, we truly discover that he was far sighted. Bill Gates stressed the fact that “content” is not just something that audience will skim-read without purpose, they need to have valuable and up-to date information so they can truly learn something. “A user can click on the ad to get additional information-and an advertiser can measure whether people are doing so.” as stated by Gates in his article, the content is not only shared but it needs to be monitored by specialists who can track the analytics of the published content and see how they can better their online presence.

One of the main keys Gates indicated in his essay is knowing your target audience and how they can have “an opportunity for personal involvement”. Advertising your work/product using various content marketing services –such as automation and chat boxes- helps your audience engage and show interest. By knowing your audience and where and how to reach them, you will be able to easily create connections and sell yourself online.

Importance of Investing in Various Content Marketing Services

Having good, high-quality content that will entertain the needs and questions of your audience will ultimately boost your business and will drive traffic. Content marketing is more than just sharing content online; it is marketing yourself online. There are content marketing services that will allow you to showcase yourself, others will allow your audience to engage, some will drive traffic and get off-page potential customers. Building a long-term strategy that will cover all of your business’ needs and ensures that it will profit it is a must when thinking of going online.

Benefits To Contact Us -IZDAHER- To Kick Start Your Digital Presence

IZDAHER offers a lot of content marketing services that is tailor-made according to your strategy and business needs including email marketing, case studies, website creation, social media management, marketing automation, and blog content. Being online is having competition and this is not something that we overlook when deciding how to rank your brand and get you more customers. We care about optimizing your content and creating web pages that will generate and attract leads and to be on the top of the search engine results list. Our expertise is to know what your business needs and cater it with our content marketing services. We know what is of importance and priority, so If you need help with creating content for your business and distributing it to the correct audience, contact us and we will make a personalized content marketing strategy that will fit your business perfectly.


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